Day: March 30, 2023

kestutis jasiunas epic
Kestutis Jasiunas receives EPIC Lifetime Achievement Award

EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) has announced Kestutis Jasiunas as the winner of the EPIC Lifetime Achievement for his outstanding contributions and leadership in the laser industry.
Jasiunas, the Chairman of the Board of EKSPLA, has led the company to become a major player in the global market for scientific picosecond lasers.

Born in 1959 and a graduate of Vilnius University, Jasiunas began his career at the Institute of Physics of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences before co-founding EKSPLA in 1992. Under his leadership, EKSPLA has developed and manufactured cutting-edge femtosecond, picosecond, and nanosecond lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial institutions. The company occupies more than half of the global market for scientific picosecond lasers and is the only manufacturer of SFG spectrometers for studying material surfaces.

Jasiunas is an active member of the boards and councils of various engineering-technological organizations, including the Lithuanian Engineering-Technological Industry Association LINPRA and the Lithuanian Research Council. He has been awarded numerous honors, including the Cross of the Knight of the Order for Merits to Lithuania, the National Progress Award, and various prizes.

Commenting on the award, Jasiunas said, “I am honored to receive this recognition from EPIC. EKSPLA ‘s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and I am proud of what we have achieved together. Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of laser technology and develop innovative solutions for our customers.”

EKSPLA, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in November 2022, was founded with the mission of developing and manufacturing picosecond lasers for scientific laboratories. Today, the company has 140 employees, 18.5 M€ in sales revenue, and subsidiaries in the USA and China, as well as a global distributor network. EKSPLA products have been recognized with numerous Lithuanian and international awards, including the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation and the Laser Focus World Innovators Gold Award.

Jasiunas’ leadership and vision have been instrumental in EKSPLA ‘s success, and the company’s continued growth is a testament to his dedication to advancing the field of laser technology.

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